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Healthy options

The importance of offering customers a wide product range in your vending machine is crucial in ensuring you receive maximum value from your machine. Selecting the right products to stock will determine how often and how much customers purchase. Therefore it is important to consider including healthy options to your range.

Customers have access to more information about diet & lifestyle and are therefore demanding healthier food and drinks. They want to have a choice when they are away from home to choose these options that meet their dietary requirements. Customers are seeking products that are low in fat, gluten free, lower in sugar and that are a sensible portion size. Selecto has a great selection of healthy alternatives for you to add to your machine. They include:

-Gluten free cracker range
-Low fat slices and bars
-Nut & Muesli bars
-Tuna & crackers
-Fruit juices
-Vitamin water
-Bottled water
-Flavoured milk

These products will appeal to the health conscious target market – a group of people who wouldn’t normally purchase products from vending machines as they were used to being confronted with less healthier options to choose from. Including healthier product lines is a great way to communicate that you are a business that caters for the health conscious and promotes a healthy lifestyle. Capturing business from this target market will not only improve sales but most importantly profit and optimum value from your machine.